TREMENDS bring us their latest single “Hands On The Wheel”

TREMENDS bring us their latest single “Hands On The Wheel”

“Hands On The Wheel” is the latest effort by the Miami rockers. The single was released on  March 23rd via Gummdrops Records.

The track is a gentle, piano based song, distancing itself in style from the normal Tremends sound of indie/brit rock. The vocals and piano are performed in their majority by Alejo Rozas (drums), with band members Juan Rozas and Alex Posada providing more of a backing role. The end result is a beautiful and relaxing track to enjoy on a Miami evening.

The video accompanying the track sees the return of double exposures and starts off with footage of the Florida Tri-Rail to then move on to Alejo singing and playing the guitar and piano.  The colors of the video are soft and relaxing like the track itself, and remind one of sunset.

“After some time apart anticipation grows,driving back all night towards the dawn
of a haunting encounter becomes poetry.
Are they coming home to fall in on their arms again?
Or is it only the craving of a hopeful dream?
Love may be gold but sometimes distance brings despair.”

– Alejo Rosas

Check out the video for “Hands On The Wheel” here:

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