Sam Valdez performs acoustic version of “Hours” at Sofar Sounds LA
Sam Valdez_Photo Credit Vowws

Sam Valdez performs acoustic version of “Hours” at Sofar Sounds LA

Watch the video here. Listen to the song on Soundcloud here.


Sofar Sounds LA shared the video of up and coming singer/songwriter Sam Valdez  performing her new single “Hours”. The clip gives us a glimpse of the beauty and complexity of the song when performed without a band.

Sam Valdez performs the track playing the acoustic guitar and accompanied only by a backing vocalist. The end result is something hauntingly beautiful. In the video one can see the crowd enraptured by the performance; the only voice that can be heard is Sam’s despite the large amount of people.

“Hours” is a warm and dark track, like nighttime in summer. Sam’s voice has been compared to Lana Del Rey and Cat Power, and the melody of “Hours” stands front and center of a minimalistic composition, with the keys, guitars and other instruments adding color to her lyrics, rather than taking turns between words and music. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Max Braverman at his studio in Los Angeles.

“Hours” is the first single of Sam Valdez’s debut EP, due out late 2017.

Next live show: August 3rd at The Bootleg Theatre, L.A  w/ Loyal Lobos and Aldre Williams. Tickets.

Photo credit: VOWWS 

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