Raker and Leitvox to be featured in “I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A. Festival”

Raker and Leitvox to be featured in “I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A. Festival”

Today is the Music video edition of “I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A.” Fetival at O Cinema, and Raygun Agency is pleased to have not one, but two of our friends and clients proudly presenting their music videos.

Firstly we have Leitvox, a producer originally from Mexico, presenting his video “Pale Love” that is more a short film than a music video, with words narrated by Jette Kelly (The Hours Strange) and animated by Neil Krug. The film tells a story about a woman that takes a journey to a distant planet in search of questions rather than answers; to understand the importance of being able to step away from assumption, cultivate doubt and find pleasure in mystery. This animated piece is developed in various environments starting with motion particles that are modulated by a human voice, then the story takes you to a surreal place with a woman’s figure playing with shapes of light generating an atmosphere where she contemplates unfamiliar objects and worlds.

Secondly we have Raker, a Miami duo presenting the music video for their single “Gospel”. The video is veritable kaleidoscope of colors over scenes. Featuring dancer Giordan Cruz and directed by Kim Avendano, the video superposes the band playing in various settings with the dancer, all while playing with the coloring and saturation at different intervals. “Gospel” in it’s entirety represents several facets of the Miami culture, and it is easy to identify at a  glance from where the duo is.

While both videos are very different from each other Raygun Agency is pleased to have helped both projects take off, for they each are pure art and self expression in their own way.


Watch Leitvox’s “Pale Love”

Watch Raker’s “Gospel”

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