VOWWS played live at the Come Des Garcons Homme Plus fashion show during Paris Fashion Week!

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It has been a busy beginning of 2019 for LA’s VOWWS. Flown to Paris, France to perform at Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Fall 2019 show at Paris Fashion Week, the band did live sound design/atmospherics in the lead up, then launched into a live set during the show itself. In an instant they turned the event into an unforgettable live show, to the delight of attendees, press anddesigners.

VOWWS performance at Kawabuko’s exhibition has received quite a lot of attention from the press, with mentions in publications such as Voguei-D ViceThe New York TimesWWDHERO magazineBusiness of Fashion, and many more.

“’I fucking hate genre descriptions.’ Rei Kawakubo didn’t say that today after her Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus show. That was her guest Rizz, one half of Vowws, the Los Angeles–based outfit who played at the show—according to a quote swiftly trawled off the Internet. Still, that sentiment couldn’t be more quintessentially Kawakubo-ist”. – Sarah Mower (VOGUE).

“Guests were guided to their seats inside the underground venue in the darkness. Packed in tightly with the bass of the LA-based “Australian Death Pop” band VOWWS throbbing through our rib cages, the mood was ominous. The catwalk pit photographers huddled around an intense, flash spotlight. Under Rei’s spell, we waited in the darkness. And waited. Then, when the live VOWWS performance kicked in, the catwalk became a swaggering, snarling club dancefloor.” (I-D Vice)

This performance and press coverage comes a week before the release of VOWWS’ first single of 2019, due out this Friday.

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