LEITVOX brings us new single “Black Feather”
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LEITVOX brings us new single “Black Feather”

Miami based producer Leitvox is back with his new single “Black Feather”, an energetic and dreamy composition featuring a danceable beat and floating vocals.

“Black Feather”  switches up in between genres of synthwave, house and vocal electronic, all while being one cohesive track running through a musical realm. The single is the second release of Leitvox’s upcoming EP Coded Matter. 

On vocals is Emma Fox, an incredibly talented vocalist that has teamed up with him before on tracks such as “Two Tribes”, off his previous full length Floating Promises.

“I really can hear my strongest influences in this composition, from NIN to Jean-Michel Jarre. Emma does an amazing work with such elegant vocals, they take the track into a very surreal world.” – Leitvox

About Leitvox

Leitvox is a Mexican producer and composer based in Miami. He works out of his own studio in Wynwood, and has been working on his and other peoples music since arriving 2013. 

His first EP, Fall From You, was released in 2012 and was acclaimed by the press in his country. The EP served as a foundation for its successor, the full length Floating Promises, released last year.
 Floating Promises features collaborations with Ilan Rubin (Nine Inch Nails), Gavin Clark and James Griffith (Unkle) Nina Miranda (Smoke City), and Ana Karla Escobar. In addition to the 9 tracks of the album, it has 4 bonus tracks consisting of remixes by Ladytron, GusGus, Son Lux and Nortec.

Leitvox begun 2018 by releasing the video for the track “Ingenue” featuring Miami based vocalist Jette Kelly, and plans on continuing to release music throughout the year.

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